What you feed your puppy is very important. It is also a different diet than you would feed an adult dog. Puppies have different dietary needs for building strong bones, muscles and developing their internal organs. I am going to help you with some information specific for your puppy.

The right food for your puppy’s healthy development

There are so many different brands out there to choose from. One thing you want to look for on the label is that the food has been approved by the AAFCO. The purpose of the Association of American Feed Control Officials is to make sure the ingredients are not only proper, but in the right balance for your puppy’s healthy growth. They are the organization responsible for setting the nutrient guidelines for pet foods.

Most of you know your puppy needs all the right vitamins and nutrients. For instance, calories. We as adults concern ourselves with calorie intake, however, your puppy needs calories for energy. One half of the calories he gets are spent internally for tissue growth and development. Obviously, the other half is spent walking, running around and playing. You want to keep him fit and trim, not overweight. Being overweight can lead to arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and heat stroke, to name a few, as he gets older. If he develops an increased appetite or thirst, keep an eye on him as this could be an early sign of diabetes. Regular feeding on a steady schedule will assure he is getting enough.

DHA, an omega-3 fatty acid, is very important to your puppy’s nervous system. This aids him with eye, ear and brain development. It increases memory and therefore, trainability.

Table food-good or bad?

Bad habit while you’re eating-yes. Some table foods are good for them in moderation. Your puppy is a member of your family and therefore, would love to share your Thanksgiving dinner with you. He can have a little turkey as long as it’s baked and not spicy. You want to give him white meat only, removing any fat and the skin. These could lead to an upset tummy and even pancreatitis. Every dog loves a bone as well, but do not give him the turkey bones because after being cooked they become very brittle and sharp when they break.

Fresh or canned pumpkin is also ok, just not pumpkin pie. It is good for his digestive system and eases constipation. You can even sprinkle a tiny bit of cinnamon on it if you like. A small amount of cranberry sauce, not berries, is good for his urinary tract. Cranberries are also good antioxidants. Make sure the cranberry sauce does not contain xylitol (an artificial sweetener). This can be very dangerous to him. Green beans are high in iron. Carrots and sweet potatoes are high in Vitamins A and B and fiber. Apples are also good for their fiber content and antioxidants.

Now, you don’t want to give him any of the following: Grapes, raisins, macadamia nuts, chocolate or anything sugary, salty or high in fat. Sorry puppy, no alcohol for you either.

Happy puppy, healthy puppy

So, now you know the things to look for when buying your puppies food. This goes for both dry and wet. I have also helped your puppy to be able to enjoy some Thanksgiving dinner with the rest of the family. Just don’t feed him right from the table. You can fix him a small separate plate away from the table and your guests.

Good luck to you and your new family member!

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  1. Thank you for pointing out the importance of what one should and should not feed their dog!! I don’t have a dog myself, but I do dog sit alot for other people, so it’s very important for me to know how I should handle table food with their dogs!! I love giving doggies treats and I’m happy to have found your article to help me fully understand what is good for them and things I need to stay away from!!

    1. Hi and thank you for your comments on all three articles. I really appreciate it. Please do refer these or any of my others on my site to anyone you would like. I am responding to this in general vs. all three since you are the only one who commented on all three. I hope I was able to provide some insight for you on each of these three topics. As I said, feel free to read my other articles on my site: mydogshealthyfoods.com and thanks so much again:)

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