There are several brands out there that are affected and I am going to try to give you as many as I can, when I see them pop up, so you can better protect your furry friend. Before we get to the list, let’s go over two of the most common reasons why. My primary resource on this is Tim Wall. He is a senior editor for WATT Global Media doing very extensive research for Pet Food Industry. WATT Global Media has been doing research on Agrifood and Pet foods for over 100 years.

Aflatoxin – What is it?

After researching Aflatoxin, here is what I found. Aflatoxins are carcinogens and mutagens produced by certain molds like Aspergillus flavus and Aspergillus parasiticus. These molds grow in soil, decaying vegetation, hay and grains. Aflatoxin is the main reason for most of the current FDA recalled dog foods as well as some voluntary recalls by some manufacturers.

Salmonella – Where does it come from?

Salmonella is a bacterium that your dog can get by coming in contact with the saliva or eating the feces from another dog who has become infected with salmonella. The most common foods that your dog may contract it through are raw meats and raw eggs. Now, I’m not saying all raw meats and raw eggs are bad, but my personal opinion is that they both should be partially cooked before feeding them to Fido.

FDA recalled brands

FDA recalls are done typically by two means. Either just by request or if the severity of their findings is great enough, this would be done by FDA order under statutory authority. I am going to start with Sunshine Mills Inc. brands as they currently have 17 of their brands on the FDA recall list as of October 2020. These findings were published courtesy of Dave Baker, founder and publisher of Petful. Here is their list with product, package size, batch numbers, date of recall and UPC codes when available.

  • Champ Mini Chunks Dog Food Beef and Chicken Flavor – 12 lb., lot code TC2 -03 April 2020, UPC #7328315416
  • Family Pet Meaty Cuts Beef, Chicken and Cheese Flavors Premium Dog Food – 4 lb., TD3 04 April 2020, UPC #3225120694/14 lb., TB1-04 April 2020 or TB3-03 April 2020, UPC #322518078
  • Field Trial Complete Nutrition Premium Dog Food-16 lb., TC2 04 April 2020, UPC # 7015514530
  • Good Dog Brand Dog Food – 50 lb., TA1 05 April 2020, UPC # 5216624163
  • HeartLand Farms Grilled Favorites Beef, Chicken and Cheese Flavor Dog Food – 14 lb., TB1 04 April 2020, UPC #7015514299 and 31 lb., TA2 04 April 2020, UPC #7015514301
  • Hunter’s Special Dog Food Hi Energy Formula – 50lb., TA1 05 April 2020, TA2 05 April 2020 or TA3 05 April 2020, UPC #7015510145
  • Hunter’s Special Dog Food Maintenance Formula – 50lb., TB3 04 April 2020 or TB1 05 April 2020 UPC # 7015510135
  • Hunter’s Special Farm and Ranch Super Chunks Dog Food – 50lb., TC2 05 April 2020 or TC3 05 April 2020, UPC # 7015510182
  • Old Glory Dog Food Hearty Beef, Chicken and Cheese Flavor – 4lb., TE3 03 April 2020 or TE4 04 April 2020, UPC # 7015514539 and 12.75lb., TA3 03 April 2020, TB1 03 April 2020, TC2 04 April 2020, TC3 03 April 2020, TA1 lwa04 April 2020, TC1 04 April 2020, TA2 04 April 2020,TB2 04 April 2020, UPC # 7015514298
  • Paws Happy Life Butcher’s Choice Beef, Chicken and Cheese Flavors Dog Food – 16lb., TA1 04 April 2020 or TA2 04 April 2020, UPC # 3680075763
  • Paws Happy Life Nutritional Comlete Dog Food – 17lb., TC2 04 April 2020, UPC # 3680042561
  • Pet Expert Always Fit Formula – 50lb., TC2 05 April 2020, UPC # 5208887976
  • Principle Super Premium Natural Dog Food Breeder Pak – 52lb., TC3 04 April 2020 or TC1 05 April 2020, UPC # 4939422642
  • River Blend Dog Food Basic Nutrition – 40lb., TC1 05 April 2020, No UPC provided and 50lb., TC1 05 April 2020, no UPC provided
  • River Blend Dog Food Select – 50lb., TC1 05 April 2020, No UPC provided
  • Sportman’s Pride Maintenance Adult Formula Dog Food – 20lb., TB1 05 April 2020, UPC # 7015510082 and 50lb., TB1 05 April 2020, UPC # 7015510110
  • Sprout Bites and Bones – 50lb., TC2 04 April 2020, 7015505091
  • Sprout Puppy – 20lb., TA3 04 April 2020 or TA1 05 April 2020, UPC # 7015505095
  • Thrifty Adult Dog Food – 12lb., TI1 03 April 2020, TI2 03 April 2020, TI3 03 April 2020 or TA2 04 April 2020, UPC # 7015513096
  • Top Runner Premium Dog Food – 50lb., TB1 03 April 2020, UPC # 3540650700
  • Whiskers and Tails Adult Recipe Complete Dog Food – 17lb., TC2 04 April 2020, UPC # 2114003022

Okay, so that last section was a bit long, but like I said, Sunshine Mills had 17 different brands with several different foods listed in their recall. Not all were mandatory by FDA statutory orders, some were voluntary recalls. It’s better for them to do it that way to protect your fur babies.

Nestle Purina Petcare recalls

Many of us know them, simply, as Purina. Purina has always been a “go to” food for our pets and animals. They were very popular back in the day and still are with many different types of animal foods out there for us to choose from. They have, however, recently put out a recall on four types of feed, spanning across 32 states in the US. Unfortunately, I do not have lot codes, dates or UPC numbers to go with them right now. These feeds are Purina Rabbit Feed, Purina Turkey Feed, Country Acres Rabbit Feed and DuMor Chick Starter/Grower Feed. The reason for these recalls is that Purina has received many customer complaints about their pets and animals growing ill and some dying. Purina tested and found elevated levels of calcium carbonate in these feeds which have caused severe health issues in these animals including some leg abnormalities as well.

Beneful is another product put out by Purina, noted for their tubs of wet dog foods. While I haven’t found any recent recalls, they did have one back in March of 2016 which included tubs with “sell by” dates between July 2019 and August 2019 with production codes with the last four numbers ranging from 5363-6054. These recalls were due to inadequate vitamin and mineral content. While this isn’t a serious health concern, you still want your dog to have the maximum vitamins and minerals needed for their healthy growth.

Blue Buffalo Company recall

Blue Buffalo is another company known to many dog lovers. My latest research on them has only revealed one batch that they voluntarily recalled back on March 17, 2017. It was for their Blue Wilderness Rocky Mountain Recipe Red Meat Dinner Wet Food for Adult Dogs. The reason for this recall was that they found elevated levels of naturally-ocurring beef thyroid hormones. They did have several customer complaints back then, but none that I have seen recently.


There are so many dog food brands out there, but I just wanted to give a few of the more popular brands known to us for now. I will update this article as I get more alerts in. I am on top of this for you dog lovers out there, like myself. Please stay tuned for more updates as they become available to me. I hope I was able to provide some information to you to help keep man’s best friend around a bit longer. Happy shopping and remember to always read the labels!

4 Replies to “Dog food recalls – which ones and why”

  1. Very interesting! Thank you Joe for this great info on dog food recalls. I use a whole food selection of beef for my dogs and I cook it up everyday. They really like it! I have to add some extra vitamins and minerals to it too.

    Do the pet stores have to pull these recalled items from the shelf?

    1. Thank you for your comments. Yes, the stores are supposed to pull these items from the shelves whether it is a voluntary recall or mandated by the FDA by statutory order. Always appreciate your comments, thanks again!

  2. Joe,

    It’s kind of scary to think that so many dog foods have recalls. I’ve seen a bunch myself, but thankfully none are the brand that I use. I actually looked into a lot of dog food when I was trying to decide the best food for my dogs, and that lead me down a very long road to finding the best food. Most of the dog foods on the shelves have recalls. Some are for minor things, like too many vitamins, or something along those lines. Others are for serious illnesses and even in some cases, deaths. What was odd to me, was that some dog foods have made dogs extremely ill, but the dog food company still didn’t do a recall. That baffled me. Why would they know that their food was hurting dogs, but not recall them? Because they couldn’t pinpoint which labels were harming dogs. If they can’t specify which bags, or dates, they can’t narrow them down, so they don’t recall them.

    Crazy huh?

    Thanks for sharing this post! I’ll keep an eye out for more recalls!!


    1. Again, thanks for your patience. Yes, it is scary first, that there are so many and second that so many are from one manufacturer. I was totally suprised to see that especially. I have Google Alerts set up and one of them is recalls. I was inundated with emails that I couldn’t keep up with them. I will start posting updates in a more timely manner as I get them from now on, as this is an important issue to me. Life got in the way for awhile there, but I’m coming back. Thank you so much again for commenting:)

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