Ever come home from a hard day at work to see this? Well, have I got good news for you. Follow along with me.

While many of you may be thinking, what’s so special about dog food bowls and feeders. After all, a food bowl is a food bowl is a food bowl, right? Not quite so. I am going to tell you about certain kinds of food bowls that can actually help with your dog’s digestion system and why feeders can be easier on you with your busy day to day schedule.

Aren’t all bowls created equal?

The simple answer is “no”. Sure, most people use the typical, everyday plastic or stainless steel bowls, fill them with food and set it down on the kitchen floor for Fido. Now, if you are like me when I first started with my dog, that’s what we did. Then, they came out with a bowl having a rubber padding on the bottom. This helped a little, as my dog used to paw the bowl and make the water move to see if there was anything in the bowl. The problem was, the water moved to the floor. Then they had a dual feed bowl which made life and clean up easier for me. Now they have higher dual feed as well as triple feed bowl stands especially for use with larger breed dogs so they don’t have to lay down to eat their food. The nice thing about the triple feed bowls is you can feed dry food, wet food and water. This actually helps them digest easier by having to stand up to eat and drink. Plus, having to stand to eat and drink, they are less likely to stand there for long periods of time and finish off all their food in one “sitting”. This also helps them digest their more evenly.

Designer bowls – why would you need a designer bowl you ask?

Designer bowls? What does your dog care about these, you ask? They really don’t, but you may want to. Why? As I Outward Hound Fun Feeder Interactive Dog Bowl, as I mentioned in the opening, these too, can help with your dog’s digestion. How? Very simple. One bowl I discovered is a regular plastic bowl, but the inside is built up like a maze. This bowl can be used for either wet or dry food. How this helps is that when you fill the bowl to the top of the maze, your dog will have to figure the next section to eat from, and may even follow the maze pattern. This helps his or her digestion because it will take longer time to eat and therefore, taking them longer than normal to eat, again allowing them to digest more evenly.

Dog food feeders – how do they help?

There are many different varieties and sizes of automatic feeders, depending on your dog’s size. You simply pour a bag of food into the top of the feeder and as your dog eats, the food comes out and drops in the bowl attached to the bottom. Now, if your dog was like mine and only got fed at certain times of the day, they would inhale the food in their regular bowl, not knowing when the next feeding would be. Dog’s can’t tell time, obviously unless they are a “watch” dog. Just a little humor there. With the constant flowing of food, they would know there is always food and won’t pig out all at once. They can go back and eat whenever they are hunger, knowing there is always food available for them.

Timed dog food feeders – another option

Timed dog food feeders? Yes, there is such an animal. Again, there are many different varieties and prices. We can’t all be home 24 hours a day, whether it’s 9 to 5 or even shift work, to ensure our dogs get fed at the same times every day. Whether they need to be fed at certain times for health issues or just because you want to keep your furry friend on a certain regimen. These are programmable, which is good, but also some machines have the option to set up to four feedings a day and also by portion size, which is important as well, so your dog doesn’t get too much at one feeding. We don’t want them to be overweight or have digestion issues, right? Another good feature that some of the top models have is a call to dinner message that you program yourself so it will call your dog for dinner when it dispenses the food. This is an excellent feature for when you’re not home.


In summary, I hope that I have provided you with some really good options to feeding your furry child. As for the feeders, they don’t have to be the more expensive ones, but aren’t our four legged children worth it? After all, pets are people too. If you would like to leave comments below feel free. If have questions about anything in this article, feel free to ask in the comment section below as well. Here’s to a happy and healthy life for you and your dog.

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10 Replies to “Dog food bowls and feeders – do they make a difference?”

  1. Wow! I didn’t know you could get timed dog feeders! My sister has a pug who eats everything he can get access to and he eats so quickly that he is often sick. A timed feeder could be the perfect way to stagger his food more across the day when she is not around to feed him in small doses. I now have the perfect Christmas present idea! Thank you!

    1. Thank you for reading the article. Yes, that would make for a perfect Christmas gift. Some of the more expensive feeders have a verbal dinner time command that you program into it. This would be perfect for someone like your sister or any friends you have with dogs that have to be away all day. Thank you so much again for reading my article. Hope you may find time to check out some of my others on the site too.


  2. Such creativity, good to know that I time the food of my dog. With this, I won’t have to disturb my neighbours when I have to work late at night. It has always been challenging having to get them to feed Lita. Much more I don’t want her to go hungry, I have had to use neighbours. Thank you for this, the timed dog food feeder is my go-to option.

    1. Thank you for reading this article. They would make an excellent Christmas gift for both you and your dog. Some of them, you can even program a dinner call message for your dog so when you’re at work, it will call him before it dispenses dinner. Again, I thank you for reading and commenting on this article and hope you get a chance to read some of my other articles on this site. There will be many more to come 🙂

  3. Great article on dog food bowls and feeders. I use that interactive bowl everyday for my dogs. It’s great for slowing down my little boy dog that eats way too fast. I highly recommend. Does the timed bowl store the food and then release it at a certain time? How much can it hold?

    Thank you for all this great info!

    1. Sorry so late Alyse 🙁 It is good for slowing down their eating vs scarfing it all up at once, not knowing when the next feeding will be. There is also, on the more expensive ones, the ‘call to dinner’ feature that allows you to program a message. The most popular one holds 8.3 cups in the reservoir. I’m sure they come bigger, you can check all of them out when you click on the link in the article. Thanks so much for your review here. I can always count on you:)

  4. It would be interesting seeing my dog eating from a maze bowl. That would be hilarious. I had no idea these were a thing. All my dogs are the outside variety so I don’t think the timed food bowl is an option. The triple diner is pretty awesome as it would look like the pooch is going through the buffet line. I am just used to the regular dog food bowl, but all these are really groovy choices for upgrades.

    1. Hey Jason, thanks for your comments on this article. Like I said, the maze bowl can help with their digestion. The timed feeders would be an excellent Christmas gift for your friends or family, if not for you with the outside dogs. The triple food stand is great for dry food, wet food and water all at the same time. Thanks again for your comments and check out some of my other articles if you get the chance.

  5. That is So cool you can get “timed” feeders!! I think I like the interactive one the best. Food and an activity!

    1. Sorry so late Brianna 🙁 Yes, they do have timed dog feeders for when people, not like us, that can’t work from home and some have the audio call the pooch for dinner when it dispenses the food. Wish I had thought of it though. I like the maze bowl too for different reasons. They still get fed, but eat slower since they kind of have to go through different sections in the bowl, so it actually does their digestion process, albeit a little bit slower, but still effective. Thanks so much for your comment!!

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